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Pakistan Flour Mills Association Declares Indefinite Strike Against Tax Imposition

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The Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) has made a bold move by declaring an indefinite strike in protest against the imposition of withholding tax. PFMA Punjab Chairman Asim Raza, in a firm and uncompromising tone, announced the decision to shut down flour mills, emphasizing that taxing essential food items such as flour is not only incomprehensible but also unacceptable. He staunchly stated that flour millers would not agree to act as tax agents for the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

As a result of this decision, over 1,500 flour mills in the country have ceased wheat washing operations, and the packing and supply of flour will also come to a halt starting from July 11th. This move underscores the gravity of the situation and the resolute stance taken by the PFMA.

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Chaudhry Amir Abdullah, the central chairman of PFMA, expressed his frustration with the government’s persistent refusal to lift the withholding tax on flour, leading to the suspension of flour mills’ operations. He vehemently argued that rather than burdening the common man with taxes on essential food items, the government should prioritize the withdrawal of this unnecessary withholding tax. Furthermore, he criticized the Federal Board of Revenue for its failure to meet grinding tax targets and for imposing excessive taxes on the masses.

The PFMA’s decision to go on strike serves as a direct challenge to the government’s tax policies and reflects the deep-seated discontent within the flour milling industry. It highlights the potential ramifications of taxing essential food items and the significant impact it can have on both the industry and the general populace. As the strike unfolds, it is likely to draw further attention to the issue, placing pressure on the government to address the concerns raised by the PFMA and reconsider its tax policies.

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