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Seth Rogen claimed Tom Cruise attempted to recruit him for Scientology

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Seth Rogan claims that Tom Cruise allegedly tried to get him to join the Church of Scientology. An account named Movie Maniacs shared a freshly discovered footage of Rogen’s May 2021 appearance on Howard Stern’s programme on TikTok on Saturday.

Approximately 2 million people have seen the nearly 20-second recordings. In the video, the This Is the End actor, 40, remembered the strange meeting, claiming it left him perplexed.

The Mission: Impossible star, 60, attempted to sit him down and explain the “reality” behind religion, according to Rogen. According to him, Cruise remarked, “If you gave me 20 minutes to explain you what it was about, you would say no expletive way, no expletive way.”

“I remember wondering, is that a decent thing to be saying?” Mr Rogan stated to Howard Stern. “I remember thinking, ‘Is that a decent thing to be saying?'” Rogen remarked.

“O of, I escaped that bullet.”

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