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Suki Kinari power project to be Functional in Nov

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The Suki Kinari hydropower project, a significant venture within the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), is progressing rapidly towards its completion, slated for November of the current year. This was confirmed by the assistant director of the project, who emphasized the unwavering commitment of the workforce, including international staff, despite the recent suicide attack on Chinese engineers in Shangla. The project, which will generate 884 megawatts of power from the Kunhar River in Kaghan Valley, marks a milestone as the first reservoir of its kind in the province under CPEC.

In the wake of the Shangla incident, security measures for the over 300 Chinese engineers and workers have been significantly strengthened. The project operates on a dual-shift system, maintaining the momentum of work with both Pakistani and Chinese workers dedicated to timely completion. Earlier this month, the reservoir underwent a water fill test to evaluate its spillways, highlighting its unique asphalt concrete dam structure filled with rocks. Additionally, the project has necessitated the rerouting of a segment of the Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad Road, with all construction phases reportedly completed, paving the way for the project’s fruition in November.

Parallel to the hydropower project, the provincial government, represented by the adviser to the chief minister on culture and tourism, has pledged to allocate funds in the upcoming budget to enhance communication services in Kaghan Valley and other tourist hotspots. This initiative aims to overcome the current barriers to tourism promotion in the region. The commitment was conveyed to a delegation led by a local member of the provincial assembly, which included key figures from the tourism sector.

The adviser outlined plans to develop communication infrastructure in strategic locations within Mansehra district, such as Kaghan, Battakundi, and Babusar Top, to bolster Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s appeal as a tourist paradise. Efforts are also underway to assess the feasibility of installing a chairlift in Kaghan Valley, which, along with the development of winter tourism infrastructure, is part of a broader strategy to enhance the region’s attractiveness to tourists. The local assembly member highlighted the potential of Siren and Konsh valleys as prime tourist destinations, advocating for improved accessibility and the exploration of additional recreational sites to stimulate tourism, particularly during the summer months. These developments reflect a concerted effort to leverage the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage to drive economic growth and social progress.

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