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Youth’s Pakistan

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Two-thirds of Pakistan’s population consists of young people under the age of thirty-five. Therefore, it is important to understand the population structure from every angle. Pakistani youth are surrounded by basic issues of education, employment, career and marriage. Due to social media and other trends, they have become fully aware of the international standard of living. They believe that Pakistan’s political, economic and welfare standard of living is very backward compared to other countries. In Pakistan, where the population has shifted to the cities, the villages have also been associated with the collective thinking of the society. Therefore, due to various elements, communication between the society has improved and a common opinion on various topics has also started to be established.

Pakistani youth, in particular, and people, in general, believe that all branches of government in Pakistan, be it a legislature, administration or judiciary, should play their role. They also know that no institution in Pakistan has played its role well. They have also come to know that the right to sovereignty belongs only to the people and no government organization can hide the facts.

They ask the question that why our courts do not do justice. They ask the question that why our bureaucracy and police have no relation with the people. They also believe that politics is the legacy of a few families and is controlled by powerful circles. They also believe that the rule of law and the rule of the constitution is limited to words. They also know that all government institutions lie but constantly lie and they are very good at it. They believe that government agencies are not really institutions but individuals or interest groups.

But the most important thing is that the people understand that the management of the country is in the hands of the elites and the elites are connected with each other. While they now understand the tricks of all the players, they know that media is a business industry and a tool to blackmail people. They also understand that the government institutions NAB, Anti-corruption, Judiciary, Bureaucracy, and Police are used only by powerful people. They also now understand that it is an exploitative system and the common people have nothing to do with this system.

Now the biggest problem that is going to arise is that of alienation, people are starting to get fed up with the system and even the state. They consider themselves slaves of the system and consider the system as oppression. They think that they have no happiness in this oppressive system. At least they have understood the basic right of their sovereignty and are not going to be in any way. They can no longer be controlled by colonial laws and procedures. There has been so much hatred against the system in the society that any voice, leader or movement will continue to lead it, these feelings are no longer limited to a specific person.

There is no dearth of talented youth in Pakistan. Be it a competition to develop a solar-powered car or a formula racing car, a young woman mountaineer’s feat of scaling the seven highest peaks of the seven major mountains, or success in international bodybuilding competitions, Pakistani youth in any field. Not behind.

In this situation, everyone needs to win the hearts of the youth and the people. Hearts can only be won by principle and justice. Fundamental rights, rule of law, rule of the constitution and most importantly the right of the people to be enforced in Pakistan. Now there is no other solution besides that. A peaceful and just society is the guarantor of the state.

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