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Defense Minister Khawaja Asif Sets Tough Conditions for Military Operations

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During a recent National Assembly session, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif made a significant announcement outlining stringent conditions for any military operation. As per his statement, an army operation will now require approval from the federal cabinet and will be subject to discussion in the parliament, marking a landmark shift in the decision-making process regarding security operations.

Expressing deep concern over the persistent wave of terrorist attacks across various regions, including Swat and Faisalabad, Minister Asif strongly condemned the ongoing violence, labelling it as a matter of national shame. His remarks highlighted the gravity of the security situation, underscoring the urgent need for strategic and unified action to combat terrorism.

In a pointed address to the opposition, Minister Asif criticized their disruptive conduct during parliamentary debates, accusing them of engaging in divisive politics characterized by verbal abuse and aggression. He called attention to their continued alignment with past controversial events, particularly referencing the actions of May 9, and censured their behaviours and decisions, both historically and presently.

Furthermore, Minister Asif drew attention to the opportunistic tendencies exhibited by certain opposition members, condemning their allegiance shifts for personal gain. He squarely accused the opposition of failing to prioritize the country’s welfare and of siding against national heroes while aligning with extremist elements, thus posing a grave threat to the nation’s stability and security.

Amidst these critical discussions, Minister Asif also highlighted the escalating violence directed at minority communities in Pakistan, acknowledging the urgent need for comprehensive safeguarding measures. He underscored the state’s obligation to ensure the well-being and protection of minority rights, branding the increasing incidents against minorities as a national disgrace. Urging a unified approach in the House to address this pressing issue, Minister Asif called for immediate and collective action to counter the escalating violence and safeguard the rights of all minority groups, highlighting the integral role of the state in ensuring their safety and well-being.

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