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Digital census data: Govt says error probability can be relatively low

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Minister of Finance and Revenue Muhammad Ishaq Dar Sunday emphasized that the digital census, which was unanimously approved by the Council of Common Interests (CCI), has a lower possibility of error.
Defending the digital census in the Upper House while speaking on the point of order, Leader of the House Ishaq Dar pointed out that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government decided on the new census. He informed the Senate that Rs 34 billion had been spent on the endeavour.
He mentioned that the census had received approval from eight members of the CCI.
The finance minister mentioned that comprehensive details had been provided to all provinces. The average population growth is 2.55 per cent, compared to 2.44 per cent recorded in the 2017 census. Balochistan has the highest growth rate at 3.25 per cent. The digital population census incurred an expenditure of 34 billion rupees, he said.
The finance minister also revealed that a minister from the previous government had caused harm to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). He asserted that reforms were being implemented to enhance aviation, and there was a focus on improving the performance of steel mills.
He said steps are being taken to reduce PIA’s deficit, and some aviation-related laws have been presented in the Parliament.
Senator Ishaq Dar emphasized that matters of national interest should not be politicized. Additionally, he informed the Senate that PIA flights to the United Kingdom (UK) would resume in October.

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