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Elections are the only Way Forward for Pakistan

Economic stability is directly proportionate to the political stability and legitimacy. Pakistan can not afford delay in elections.
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Why are Elections critical for Pakistan?

There has been proportionate debate on the constitutionality of the holding of elections of KPK and Punjab assemblies. The constitutionalists assert that holding elections according to the timelines of the constitution is unavoidable. Therefore, the Lahore High Court has also sentenced the holding of elections within ninety days. Then, democrats believe that elections are the best means to achieve the end of democracy. They further assert that the happening of elections is the democratic way forward. Hence, it is close to a consensus that timely elections are the only way forward for political and administrative stability.

However, apart from political and administrative stability, economic stability is also directly proportional to elections. Political stability is the most significant part of any mode of governance, especially in a democracy. It is further accentuated by a popular government. Then, the most effective mode to measure the popularity are elections. A popular and legitimate government represents the people’s will and, therefore, remains in a better position to deliver politically, economically and administratively. However, this is not the case with the incumbent government. There is political instability; hence governance is becoming harder, and service delivery seems far-fetched. It seems highly unlikely that economic stability is achievable without political and democratic stability.

Democracies represent the will of the people. Elections are the best means to obtain the end of democracy. Political leaders and parties are always ready to go into elections, as electioneering is their core activity. It is not a democratic obligation but also a constitutional obligation. It is unacceptable that political parties hesitate to follow the constitutional limits of electioneering processes. It is unacceptable for the general people. It is also not good for democratic culture. However, primarily, the uncertainty compromises administrative performance. Bureaucracy does not perform in political uncertainty—the business and economic activities slow down, and the market loses confidence and business. If backed by an unpopular government, political instability or uncertainty can be a nightmare for a state and society.

Pakistan needs elections to ensure political stability and a popular government. A government can only perform with political legitimacy and popularity. Political legitimacy is essential. Elections are unavoidable. Pakistan has already suffered a lot and should not be in a position to bear the brunt of political instability and uncertainty. All political leaders and parties must realize that they have a common goal to defend the cause of democracy. Democracy, as a form of governance, is also critical to bring political stability and subsequent economic stability. There is only financial stability with political stability and political legitimacy. Therefore, elections of the provincial Punjab and KPK assemblies are the only way forward.

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