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Google Pays Homage to Pakistan’s Independence with Indus River Dolphin Doodle

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On the occasion of Pakistan’s 77th Independence Day, Google, the renowned global search engine, has paid tribute to the country’s unique Indus River dolphin, commemorating the nation’s remarkable journey towards self-determination and sovereignty.

This significant day, observed every year on August 14th, marks the historic moment in 1947 when Pakistan emerged as an independent nation, liberating itself from nearly two centuries of British colonial rule.

In a captivating representation, the Google Doodle vividly portrays the struggles and aspirations that culminated in Pakistan’s quest for statehood. The accompanying description of the doodle sheds light on the nation’s inspiring journey to autonomy.

“After the enactment of the Indian Independence Act in 1947, the desire for an independent nation became fervent among the Muslim population of India, leading to the inception of the Pakistan Movement. Guided by the visionary leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the All-India Muslim League spearheaded this movement,” the description eloquently stated.

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