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Islamabad police claim killing two suspects involved in F-9 park incident

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ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – The Islamabad police claim to have killed two persons accused of raping a woman in F-9 Park.
Police said two armed motorcyclists opened fire on officials at the bridge in Sector D12. In response, police engaged in retaliatory fire, which resulted in the killing the two suspects, Nawab Ali and Iqbal. The suspects, police said, were involved in the F-9 Park incident.
Police had identified the suspects earlier. However, they attempted to evade arrest and opened fire on officials. Consequently, both individuals were killed in retaliatory firing by police.
According to police sources, the Margala police earlier arrested two persons, and more than 60 cases were already registered against them.
There was an alleged incident of gang rape that occurred in F-9 Park, Islamabad, where a resident of Mian Channu was victimised on Feb 2.

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