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Israel’s Dangerous Drift towards Jewish Supremacy

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OPINION – Israel’s Dangerous Drift towards Jewish Supremacy

Israel, a country that was established as a haven for the Jewish people, has long been regarded as a secular, liberal, and enlightened nation. However, in recent years, a new breed of ruling fanatics has emerged, openly expressing their bigoted views and revealing the illusion of a progressive Israel.

Bezalel Smotrich, the head of the Religious Zionism party and now serving as the country’s finance minister, has come under fire for publicly admitting to being a fascist. Along with his colleagues, Smotrich and his party believe in a narrow-minded and discriminatory ideology. Firstly, they reject the notion that Israel can be both Jewish and democratic, choosing to prioritize the former over the latter. Secondly, they advocate for exclusive Jewish control over all of historic Palestine, disregarding the rights of the Palestinian people who have lived in the region for centuries. Finally, they reject American influence and the liberal ways of the West, preferring a kingdom governed by Jewish law and tradition.

These fanatics view the Palestinians as an obstacle to the establishment of a purely Jewish state and admire the views of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who referred to Palestinians as a “cancer” that must be removed by any means necessary. Some, like the minister of national security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, believe that if Palestinians must stay, they should be relegated to second or third-class citizenship. These fanatics openly support Jewish supremacy in the Jewish state, a far cry from the original ideals of Zionism.

Their belief in the end justifying the means is reflected in their policies and actions, including the forced Judaization of Jerusalem and its holy sites, regardless of the impact on peace and coexistence. They reject international law and the two-state solution, choosing instead to deepen the occupation, increase the number of illegal Jewish settlements, and eventually annex them. Many among them believe in an apocalyptic end to pave the way for the “kingdom of heaven.”

In stark contrast to the secular Israelis who embrace American culture, these fanatics reject liberal American influence and seek to impose their narrow and chauvinistic views on the country. Despite receiving assistance from the United States, they believe that Jewish redemption must come from their interpretation of the Bible, not from liberal ideas. They aim to subjugate the country’s liberal Supreme Court to the whims of the parliamentary majority they are part of, threatening the very essence of democracy and human rights.

Secular and liberal Israelis view these fanatical forces as turning Israel into an insular, suspicious, and chauvinistic Sparta, ignoring the dangerous religious ideology that they espouse. While most Israelis focus on the economic and political consequences of these fanatics, the world must pay attention to the beliefs they hold, as they threaten not only the peace and stability of the region, but also the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights.

In conclusion, the rise of religious fanatics in Israel is a cause for concern, not only for Israelis but for the entire world. Their bigoted views and discriminatory policies threaten the very foundations of democracy and human rights, and the world must pay close attention to their beliefs and actions.

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