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Maryam wants justice first, elections later

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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz has said that the general elections will be held. Still, both sides of the scale must be balanced by overturning the conviction of “innocent Nawaz Sharif” and bringing Imran Khan to justice.
“After (PTI Chairman) Imran Khan’s 200 appearances before the court will be completed, elections will be held,” Maryam, also the chief organiser, said while addressing the PML-N workers’ convention here on Monday.
The party’s SVP said, “Imran Khan, open your eyes and see, the establishment that brought you to power on their shoulders has now gone home. The shoulders of the judges you are preparing to climb on will no longer remain.”
She said another name of, “Imran Khan is Fitna Khan – the biggest thief of Pakistan who did not even spare watches”.
Nawaz Sharif was kept to clean up their mess, she added. “How long will Pakistan continue to go about in the same circles? Answers are needed … is there anyone in the country who will provide justice.”
Putting forward a condition, Maryam said, “First, respect the vote, then there will be justice, then an election. Provide justice today and tomorrow, and this country will have an election.
“There is no danger to us, but we want justice first. The same standard of the judiciary which was applied to Nawaz Sharif should be to Imran Khan.”
She said, “This is an election year, there will be an election, and Inshallah, it will happen. The lion will win the election with a huge majority, and everything will come to the fore before the election.”
She said Nawaz was called a “godfather of the Sicilian mafia” and was disqualified for not taking a salary from his son. “Sicilian mafia and godfather charges will have to be withdrawn,” she demanded.
She said that no prime minister of Pakistan told a lie like hiding children from the nation. “Nawaz Sharif’s daughter is standing before you; where is Imran Khan’s daughter (Tyrian White)?”
Referring to the PTI chief said that Nawaz was punished in Iqama, but the courts could not summon him, whose hands were immersed in stolen wealth.
The PML-N SVP accused former director general of the Inter-Services Intelligence Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed and ex-chief justice of Pakistan Justice (retd) Saqib Nisar, of protecting and supporting Imran through their “pawns” in the establishment and the judiciary, respectively.
She questioned Gen (retd) Faiz, terming him the creator of the Panama bench, to reply “why he did so much injustice with Pakistan in his enmity with Nawaz Sharif”.
When the people of the earth do injustice, she said, the justice system of the sky comes into motion. “Where is Gen (retd) Faiz today? Where is Justice (retd) Khosa, and where is that Dam Wala Baba Justice (retd) Saqib Nisar?
“If today there is inflation and the country is under the mortgage, the Panama bench and its makers are responsible for it.”
Maryam said, “Just like the lunar eclipse, Pakistan was also hit by the Panama bench. When the Panama bench existed, Pakistan had no honour and no bread for the poor.”
She said all of them were exposed, but those serving judges were also told, whose audio leaks had come to the fore.
In the audio leaks, she said, it was revealed that Imran and his facilitators were involved in bench-fixing and that bench “exploded in the intersection”.
During Nawaz’s era, Maryam said, roti was Rs2, sugar was Rs50 per kilo, flour Rs35 per kg, ghee Rs140 per litre, electricity Rs11 per unit and petrol Rs65 per litre. “The burden of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was not allowed to fall on the people … Nawaz Sharif gave motorways and CPEC to Pakistan”.
After the PML-N came to power, Imran’s agreement with the IMF was torn while he was leaving. “If the PML-N had not followed the agreement, Pakistan would have gone bankrupt.”
She said the politics of PML-N had suffered temporarily, but it saved Pakistan from becoming another Sri Lanka.
“When Nawaz became the prime minister, Pakistan took off. When Nawaz Sharif was removed, Pakistan went downhill. Still, the country cannot cope as Nawaz Sharif put Pakistan on the path of development.”
She said those who had brought Imran knew he was the most “incompetent person” with “neither character nor performance”.

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