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Pakistan Makes History: Self-Driving Car Team to Compete Internationally

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In a groundbreaking achievement, Pakistan has marked its debut in the self-driving car arena by securing a spot in the prestigious World Robot Olympiad (WRO). For the first time, a Pakistani team has successfully qualified for the self-driving car competition, a testament to the nation’s burgeoning prowess in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Comprising three talented students – Muhammad Hadi Saif, Ayaan Waqar, and Ali Saif – the Pakistani team engineered an autonomous vehicle equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities. Their remarkable achievement was sealed by triumphing in the national competition organized by the World Robot Olympiad in Pakistan.

Entrants in the self-driving car category faced a challenging task: to develop a fully self-reliant car, adept at harnessing the potential of computer vision and machine learning. The teams were required to fuse radar, infrared, and sonar sensors to navigate an intricate array of obstacles meticulously set by discerning judges.

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