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PIA staff hailed for handing over lost wallet to owner

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SKARDU: The vigilant crew of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) exemplified honesty and integrity when they found a lost wallet on board flight PK-451 from Islamabad to Skardu and returned it to its rightful owner, according to ARY News on Saturday.

The passenger, who had accidentally left his wallet on the plane, was relieved to know that the PIA staff had promptly turned it over to the airport administration.

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The airport administration then issued a notice for the lost item, which was soon noticed by the passenger who was still within the airport premises. After confirming his identity with the airport manager, the passenger was overjoyed to be reunited with his lost wallet.

The owner of the wallet expressed his appreciation and gratitude towards the airport administration and PIA staff for their honesty and swift efforts in returning his lost belongings.

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