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Prince William ‘not scared’ of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir ‘Spare’

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A royal expert has said that Prince William and the rest of the Royal Family are not “scared” of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir Spare, even if it has more explosive claims.

Early next year, Prince Harry’s memoir will come out. Royal author Katie Nicholl told reputed media source, that even though the Duke of Sussex may drop some bombshells in the book, royals are not likely to be shocked.

Nicholl said: “A lot has been left on a cliff-hanger and there is a £35m book deal here so don’t underestimate the couple or their capacity to surprise and throw in a few more bombs just when you thought there were no more.”

“I don’t think the royal family are terrified by anything, least of all of what is going to come next in Harry’s autobiography,” she added.

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