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Shah Rukh Khan dives into nostalgia of his first valentines’

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(Web Desk) – On the day people celebrate love for their partners, the Bollywood king of romance, Shahrukh Khan, amazed his fans by replying to one of the tweets and recalling that he gifted a “pair of pink plastic earrings” to his better-half Gauri Khan on their first valentine’s.
SRK started a trend on Twitter, #Ask SRK for fans to ask creative and fun questions from their favourite star. One fan tweeted by asking, “What was your first gift for Valentine’s day to Gauri Mam?”
SRK being very natural, replied with an epic tweet that he had just got her a pair of pink earrings, which sparked uproar among Netizens.
SRK has been a superstar ever since he stepped foot in the film industry, Dil Waly Dilhaniya Lejayeingy (DDLJ), and his latest movie Pathaan has been quite the hot topic on the internet.
The DDLJ’s Raj recently starred in an action movie, “Pathaan,” and reminded his fans that he is still the “King SRK.”

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