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Kate Middleton’s Brother Faces Business Woes: Meghan Markle Fans Discuss Karma

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Amidst recent developments, Meghan Markle’s supporters have drawn parallels between karma and the challenges now faced by Kate Middleton’s family. A recent report shedding light on fresh business difficulties for Kate Middleton’s brother has sparked discussions among Meghan’s followers, who speculate that past incidents involving Meghan’s own family have led to these circumstances.

Certain individuals within this group believe that Meghan Markle was subjected to unfavorable treatment from some senior members of the royal family, including the late Princess of Wales, with allegations that Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, was used against her.

As events unfold, these discussions have taken an unexpected turn by invoking Kate Middleton’s name in relation to her family matters. Specifically, James Middleton, Kate’s younger brother, has reportedly encountered new setbacks in his business endeavors.

According to a recent article published by the Evening Standard, James Middleton’s latest business venture, Ella & Co, is experiencing significant challenges. The report highlights a notable decrease in the venture’s assets, revealing that they have plummeted from £334,591 to just £92,510 within the span of a year. This development adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing dialogue among Meghan Markle’s supporters, prompting them to reflect on the interconnectedness of royal family experiences.

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