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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Calls for Shutdown of Inefficient Government Departments

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In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced a plan to shut down government departments and institutions, incurring billions in losses. He emphasized the government’s duty to reduce extravagant expenses and close non-essential ministries. Sharif particularly singled out the Pakistan Public Works Department, citing corruption as a reason for its inclusion among the institutions under review.

To facilitate this initiative, a ministerial committee has been tasked with evaluating redundant ministries and departments, with a timeline set for achieving positive results within the next two months. The Prime Minister stressed that the closure of burdening departments would result in savings amounting to billions.

Furthermore, Sharif outlined the government’s decision to privatize organizations and institutions that have led to substantial losses for the country. He also emphasized the implementation of austerity measures and promotion of the private sector and private investment, signaling a shift away from government-established businesses.

Reflecting on the progress made since assuming office, Prime Minister Shehbaz credited the coalition government for steering the country away from default and expressed optimism about Pakistan’s economic trajectory. He acknowledged the challenging road ahead and emphasized the need for sacrifice from the nation’s elites and government officials.

While highlighting the reduction in inflation and interest rates, Sharif pledged the government’s commitment to further alleviate economic burdens, promote investment, and provide education to the youth. He urged the nation to learn from past mistakes and unite in serving the underprivileged, envisioning a prosperous future aligned with the dreams of the nation’s founders.

The Prime Minister also disclosed secured investment commitments from the Middle East and China, outlining plans to harness foreign investments and create a conducive environment for domestic investment. Additionally, he underscored the government’s efforts to make the industrial and export sectors competitive, citing historic reductions in electricity prices and applauding the rise of the Pakistan Stock Exchange to an all-time high.

Looking ahead, Prime Minister Shehbaz reaffirmed the government’s commitment to promoting the agriculture sector, establishing significant IT exports, and steering Pakistan towards self-sufficiency and progress. He acknowledged the daunting road ahead, emphasizing the need for resilience in the face of potential setbacks while expressing confidence that the nation could overcome challenges and achieve sustainable progress.

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