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The Love Affair Between Armed Forces and Pakistani Public is Critical for Pakistan

The Love Affair Between Armed Forces and Pakistani Public is Critical for Pakistan. Therefore it is critical that the constitutional roles be adopted.
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States have faced existential threats from terrorism, especially after the attack on 9/11. The Middle East and South Asia have particularly faced the challenges of terrorism. The hardliner terrorists almost posed existential threats to the sovereignty of the nation-states. Furthermore, they not only wrecked the state’s power but also shattered the fabric of society. North African and Middle Eastern countries have suffered the same fate. Because the non-state actors were more potent than the state power, hence, comprising the sovereignty of the state. There is hardly a country which has controlled the menace of terrorism without a cost. However, Pakistan is the only country that has prevented the threat of terrorism, although it also suffered a lot.

It has been a long and arduous battle. On one side was Afghanistan, and on the other, there was the USA, controlling the lands in Afghanistan. Then, there were Indian and other interventions in Afghanistan. So, the challenge was not only internal but also external. There was complicated, complex and intricate national and international politics involved, and Pakistan had to play its cards shrewdly. Politics apart, the Pakistan Army’s role in battling terrorism is enormous. Their sacrifice, courage and fearlessness have been inspirational. Especially the martyrs of the armed forces, police and other agencies are the lifeline of the Pakistani state and society.

Politics is the most challenging art. Then, politics award laurels in the morning and hates you in the evening. This is the way politics inherently moves forward. The political role of the Pakistani Establishment is also under the same proposition of politics because it will comprise love and hate relations. Therefore, the political role shall always bring severe criticism. Armed forces are immensely respected when they work proudly in their domains. The love affair between the armed forces and the public is critical to national life. Given the strategic challenges to the Pakistani state, the public and armed forces must develop a long-lasting love affair.

The people of Pakistan love the Pakistani armed forces. There is hardly a village in Pakistan where a martyr is not buried. Pakistan is a land of martyrs, and the nation is proud of them. Then, there has also been a few issues. Politics is meant for politicians and people. Constitutional roles are the most significant part of national and collective life. The will of the people is supreme. Critics observe that no one can stand before the people’s choice. Therefore, armed forces must respect the people’s will, and people must respect, honor and love their armed forces. Then, it is a bilateral relationship, and there is a dire need to reinvigorate this love affair.

Pakistan is facing multiple national and international challenges. Therefore, the unity of all institutions is significant. Then, it is also critical that the public support the institutions and institutions must respect the people’s will. Armed forces, bureaucracy, judiciary and political parties should sacrifice their interests over the public’s interest. Thus, the best way forward is the constitutional role of all institutions. Lastly, the people of Pakistan love their armed forces and expect them to respect the will of the people. Hence, the love affair between people and the armed forces shall always continue, and the forces of enemies shall never succeed in breaking the trust between the armed forces and the Pakistani people.

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