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The Race between Joe Biden & Donald Trump after Presidential Debate

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After US President Joe Biden’s underwhelming performance at the recent presidential debate, concerns regarding his ability to effectively lead the country have become increasingly widespread among voters and Democrats. Speculation about the potential replacement of the 81-year-old president as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming November election has surfaced, as reported by The Guardian.

While President Biden and his campaign spokesperson have strongly refuted any suggestions of his withdrawal from the race, discussions about alternative candidates persist with an intensity that cannot be ignored. Vice President Kamala Harris has been identified as a leading contender for a potential replacement. As the highest-ranking female elected official in US history and the first Black and first Asian American to serve as vice president, Harris holds a significant position. However, she has faced challenges of her own, with almost half of the voters expressing unfavorable views of her, according to the 538 polling average.

In addition to Vice President Harris, several other potential contenders have emerged, including Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, Illinois governor JB Pritzker, California governor Gavin Newsom, and Maryland governor Wes Moore.

Throughout the electoral campaign, President Biden’s age and mental acuity have been subjects of ongoing discussion. After his lackluster debate performance, even his most unwavering supporters have found themselves grappling with a level of uncertainty that is unprecedented. Republican candidate Donald Trump has even openly challenged President Biden to undergo a cognitive assessment, citing specific instances from the debate to support his stance.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden appeal to different demographics and have different policy platforms that resonate with their respective supporters. Trump’s popularity is rooted in his promise to prioritize American economic interests, his stance on immigration, and his “America First” ideology. Some voters are drawn to his straightforward communication style and non-traditional approach to politics. On the other hand, Biden’s appeal lies in his experience as a career politician, his emphasis on unity and healing divisions in the country, and his proposed policies related to healthcare, climate change, and social justice. Ultimately, the reasons for Trump’s popularity over Biden are multifaceted and vary among different population segments.

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