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Twain tops charts with joyful jams

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Shania Twain, the five-time Grammy winner, aims to spread joy and positivity with her latest album “Queen of Me.” Despite being confined during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian singer and songwriter opted to remain in high spirits instead of dwelling on her situation. Now, as the pandemic begins to subside, Twain wants everyone to join her in celebration.

“We’ve got so much to celebrate these days and I’m still in party mode. I sense my fans feel the same,” she said.

Twain, who has asthma, faced a life-threatening battle with COVID-19 that eventually developed into pneumonia. “Every day, my lungs were getting more and more inflamed. I was pretty much on my deathbed within 12 days,” she revealed in an interview with Apple Music 1.

However, she drew inspiration from her recovery and channeled it into her new album. Released on February 3rd, the album features two upbeat and catchy tracks – the country line-dancing number “Giddy Up!” and the aspirational song “Waking Up Dreaming.” Now, she wants the world to dance and sing along with her.

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