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UN chief calls out China over grave human rights concerns in Xinjiang

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GENEVA: Volker Turk, the United Nations’ human rights chief, called for immediate action from Beijing to address “grave concerns” regarding the human rights situation in China’s Xinjiang province on Tuesday.

Turk has been facing increasing pressure from Western countries and rights organizations to take a stronger stance on Xinjiang, following a damning report by his predecessor that indicated possible crimes against humanity in the far-western region.

In his keynote speech at the current UN Human Rights Council session, Turk highlighted the UN’s concerns about the protection of minority groups such as the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and Tibetans.

“Regarding China, we have established communication channels with various stakeholders to address a range of human rights issues,” Turk stated.

“My office has documented severe concerns, including large-scale arbitrary detentions and ongoing family separations, in the Xinjiang region. We have put forth vital recommendations that necessitate concrete action.”

The UN’s human rights chief is urging China to take immediate steps to address the situation and implement the recommendations made by the UN.

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