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Vladimir Putin Issues New Ceasefire Demands for Ukraine Conflict Resolution

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has set out new conditions for ending the war in Ukraine, demanding that Kyiv cede more land, withdraw troops from specific regions, and abandon its bid to join NATO. These demands were publicly announced as envoys from over 90 countries gathered in Switzerland for peace talks, excluding Russia. Putin’s remarks are seen as an attempt to disrupt the summit.

The updated terms come as a contentious move, including maximalist positions such as claiming land that Russia has “annexed” without having military control over it. Putin’s demands require Ukrainian troops to withdraw from entire regions and for them to be declared Russian territory through international agreement. Additionally, he insisted that Ukraine renounce its plans to join NATO.

Furthermore, Putin conditioned a ceasefire on the immediate withdrawal of Western financial sanctions against Russia. The US and the G7 have recently expanded sanctions and proposed a significant financial package to support Ukraine’s economy in the face of the ongoing conflict.

Unsurprisingly, these demands were swiftly dismissed by Ukrainian officials as a “complete sham,” with Ukraine and Western countries being highly unlikely to agree to such terms. The proposal has been interpreted as an attempt to take Ukrainian territories, compromise its sovereignty, and force a non-aligned status outside of NATO.

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, rejected Putin’s conditions, stating that they amount to further aggression and occupation. Meanwhile, political analysts have characterized Putin’s demands as lacking any room for compromise or concessions.

In response to Putin’s dismissal of the Switzerland peace summit, Ukrainian President Zelenskiy emphasized the importance of an honest and responsible dialogue involving Russia for reaching a peaceful solution in Ukraine and broader global and European security.”

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