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Care Taker Governments in Punjab and KPK are Violating Constitutional Roles

It is evident now that care taker governments in Punjab and KPK are violating their constitutional role to hold transparent elections.
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The 18th and 20th Amendments to the constitution have made the choice of the caretaker Prime Minister, Chief Minister and Federal and Provincial Ministers more consultative and translucent. Then, the sole objective of the caretaker government is to ensure neutrality and hold transparent elections. Therefore, the caretaker governments must refrain from taking policy and long-term decisions. Their period is exclusive to ninety days, and their only objective is to hold transparent elections. Denying the constitutional and legal role is equivalent to negating the law and the constitution.

However, this constitutional proposition has not been the case in Punjab and KPK. The caretaker governments are showing no intention to hold the elections. Bureaucracy, police and other public organizations have yet to be categorically conveyed to prepare for the polls. Several civil servants have told the republic policy that caretaker setups are not interested in holding elections, and the federal government is running the whole system. The federal intervention is making the appointments of bureaucracy and police of the provincial governments. The federal government controls the provinces through the appointments of the chief secretary and IG, as the federal government fills these positions from federal PAS and PSP officers.

Furthermore, the appointments of deputy commissioners, district police officers and others have been made to favour the political interests of the PMLN in Punjab and PDM in the province of KPK. Sources claim within the provincial bureaucracy that several officers have guaranteed the PMLN and PDM that they will serve their political interests if posted in lucrative positions. Unfortunately, these political appointments have further deteriorated the governance and holding of transparent elections. The federal government has directed the bureaucracy and police through the chief secretary and IG to work under the directions of the federal government. Notably, the titular caretaker governments are also part of the plan.

Then, the caretaker governments should only focus on neutrality and conducting elections. There is no neutrality nor intention to hold elections. Although it is the constitutional obligation of the election commission to hold elections and the governments to execute the plans, caretaker governments have no preparation. They have only transferred the bureaucracy and police to ensure partiality and ensure that the political interests of PML N and PDM are secured. So, the transfers are meant to manage elections, if any. The situation seems like it could be more favorable not to hold elections. Lastly, there is already a governance crisis, and there appear to be impending constitutional crises.

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