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Prince Harry pledges to continue mother’s HIV work

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Prince Harry has paid a touching tribute to his late mother, Princess Diana, and her legacy in the fight against HIV. In a heartfelt message on the 40th anniversary of the Terrence Higgins Trust, the Duke of Sussex acknowledged his mother’s pioneering efforts and declared his pride in carrying on her advocacy.

Prince Harry recalled how his mother grew up in a time when HIV was often seen as a death sentence. Despite this, she showed remarkable empathy and demonstrated the power of connection in the face of fear.

The Duke of Sussex stressed the importance of eradicating the stigma around HIV and ending transmissions. He also emphasized the importance of testing and made a call to action, urging everyone to work towards finishing the job that his mother started.

With significant progress made over the past 40 years, Prince Harry implored everyone to keep pushing forward and not become complacent in the fight against HIV.

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